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As students reach high school, K12 Private Academy’s curriculum flexes and adjusts to appeal to their growing mindsets and experiences. This unique insight helped us create an online accredited private high school that drives engagement with powerful learning tools at their fingertips

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Want to see what a typical class for online high school at K12 Private Academy looks like? Take a look at our high school sample lessons.

High school private school classes are taught at scheduled times in a virtual classroom. Coursework is completed offline on the students’ own time. Students are regularly involved in teacher-monitored discussions with one another. There are videos, downloadable resources, tests, and more, all housed on our robust online schooling platform.

K12 Private Academy empowers students to maximize their success and reach their full potential. They have more freedom as they approach high school and also take on more accountability for their education. Students gain a solid educational foundation for college and career choices, and we’re here to help support them as they work to determine and accomplish their goals.

Learning Coaches (often parents) are responsible for encouraging and supporting their child through their education, although their involvement shifts as their students become more independent. At K12 Private Academy, parents have unique access to their child’s progress, allowing them to intervene when learning gaps become apparent. Parents also have access to various resources if they need the extra support.

Students enrolled in K12 Private Academy online high school benefit from a team of subject-specific teachers, academic coaches, and counselors. This team works together to create and monitor personalized learning plans while guiding students toward post-high school success. Qualified in their subjects, these teachers engage with students every week, often utilizing live “Class Connect” sessions for direct instruction.

With the support and encouragement of their Learning Coach, students can progress consistently through their classes toward graduation. The flexibility of the program allows for students to learn at a pace that works for them. You can learn more about our online private high school programs at an upcoming virtual event for prospective families.

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As a part of our goal to prepare online high school students for their successful futures, K12 Private Academy offers premium college and career counseling. Many of our students have gone on to top universities and colleges worldwide. Our college resources can help young adults with career prep and college prep by mapping out a plan, discussing careers in their fields of interest, and other developmental topics. 

Private vs. Public High School

For many families, finding the right school environment for their child isn’t as simple as enrolling at the local public school. It’s important to consider learning differences, class sizes, shared resources, and more. We know that not all traditional schools can adequately meet the unique needs of individual students

To help you determine if online private school high school is a good fit for your unique situation, we’ve outlined some of the primary differences between private and public school choices.

Class Size

On average, private schools are smaller than public schools. This leads us to one of the most significant differences between public and private high schools: the class size.

Many public schools have up to 30 students per class, while private schools have closer to 15, depending on the course and school.1A smaller class allows for more personalized attention to each student and affords them more opportunities to contribute to discussions.

Teacher time is also relieved, giving them more time to grade papers and other assignments. With more time, teachers can supply students with more challenging assignments, helping to push them toward remarkable success.

Elective Options

Public schools traditionally offer the standards decided upon by local and state governments. Accredited private high schools offer these standards of curriculum plus a unique selection of elective courses. The diverse course list may give students more choices to explore interesting subject matter that meets their passions than what is offered for them locally. Computer science and fine arts classes are popular elective options at K12 Private Academy.


Public schools require all teachers to be certified, which means a teacher will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree plus a state-specific teaching license. Some private schools do not require certified teachers, but in these cases, many teachers are experts in their field with more comprehensive experience from a master’s or doctoral degree.2

K12 Private Academy ensures every high school online teacher is certified, and many of them also have specialized higher education.

Teachers in private high schools are also usually under contracts that renew each year. This makes it easier for schools to bring in new, effective teachers to improve the delivery of the curriculum when necessary.

College and Career Preparation

Student Drive, Motivation, and Attitude

In private high schools, students are often surrounded by many classmates who have a strong desire for academic achievement. For students who find themselves less challenged at their current school, finding a school community of highly motivated students can be a significant valuable improvement in their learning experience.

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