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If you want to harness the power of K12 Private Academy’s comprehensive curriculum and top academics without the commitment of full-time enrollment, our part-time offerings might be right for you. Our individual courses can supplement conventional brick-and-mortar education, add academic challenges, help students catch up, or enhance a homeschool experience.

Your student can have access to classes that intrigue their interests through our online private school courses. They can focus on unique subject matter that may not be found in their traditional local schools including advanced courses or career-specific electives designed to build skills for the future. Plus, students gain a competitive advantage when it comes time to apply for colleges and universities.

You may enroll in a single or several classes with our private school courses. No matter how many you decide to take, you have access to K12 Private Academy’s wealth of online student and parent resources.

Live classes take place online in the virtual classroom. Assignments and coursework are completed offline on the student’s own time. Depending on their grade level, the student’s Learning Coach supports their coursework. A Learning Coach is a dedicated parent or responsible adult that helps keep the student on track.

As each course concludes, students receive a certificate of completion that can be used to obtain credit from their full-time school or district.*

Courses are available for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. No matter the age of your student, they can access supplementary online classes to add challenge or intrigue to their education.

K12 Private Academy offers both full-time and part-time online schools. Both options offer flexible scheduling and classes, allowing for learning anywhere there is an internet connection. Depending on your lifestyle and unique circumstances, you could benefit from either option. Here are some of the primary differences to consider.

Full-Time Online School Enrollment

  • Core classes are determined by the state-required curriculum. Electives are chosen by parents and students.

  • The number of classes taken at once is determined by state requirements.

  • Graduating students receive diplomas, recognized by colleges across the country, from our accredited online school.

Part-Time Online School Enrollment

  • All core and elective classes are chosen by parents and students. You may choose from core subjects, career-specific options, fine arts, world languages, computer sciences, and more.

  • Parents and students choose how many online classes they want to take at one time. You may enroll in just one course, four courses, or more.

  • A class certificate of completion is provided for each completed course.

One significant benefit of private school over public school is the types of courses your students can access. Our private school K–12 online school courses include unique subjects that allow students to explore subject matter that is more focused, creative, and relevant to their interests or today’s career market.

Some of our popular online course categories include:

  • Health & Human Services
  • Marketing Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Video Game Design

We offer courses on many different topics of interest for students of all ages. Standard-level and Advanced Placement (AP)® online class options, as well as career and college prep courses, are available.

Whether supplementing with individual classes, looking for fundamentals, or wanting to expand your child’s horizons, you can find part-time online classes that work for you at K12 Private Academy.

To view all the interesting and interactive online classes available for part-time private school students, browse our full course catalog.

Demo an Online Course

Want to see what part-time enrollment at K12 Private Academy looks like? Take a peek at our sample online courses to see how our interactive online platform makes learning come alive.

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How to Enroll in Part-Time Online Private School

If you’re ready to take full advantage of the resources and curriculum that K12 Private Academy has to offer, consider enrolling in part-time private school courses online.

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