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K12 Private Academy prides itself on being a flexible schooling option for students with different types of needs and schedules. One of the groups we serve well is elite athletes with demanding practice schedules. At K12 Private Academy, student athletes can do their course work from anywhere on their own time. Plus, with our NCAA accreditation, we help set students up for athletic and academic success in college and beyond.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an organization dedicated to the well-being and success of college athletes. The NCAA is composed of a number of member schools, and these institutions award athletic scholarships every year and provide support to help student athletes pursue their athletic passions and successfully graduate from college.

The NCAA is broken into three divisions—Division I, Division II, and Division III—to create an even playing field for players from similar schools and create more opportunities for college athletes to compete in various championships.

Division I schools generally have the largest student body, the largest athletics budgets, and the highest number of athletic scholarships. Division II schools tend to focus more on academic achievement and service to the community. Division III schools maintain the participation in a competitive athletics environment that still pushes academic excellence.

K12 Private Academy is recognized by the NCAA, meaning that courses taken with us can count toward the academic requirements needed to go on to be a college athlete.

The most basic academic requirements include graduating from high school, completing 16 NCAA-approved courses, earning a minimum GPA (which depends on which Division you’d like to play in), and earning an SAT or ACT score that matches the GPA you achieve in your core courses. K12 Private Academy offers a number of courses that can count toward the necessary 16 NCAA-approved courses in order to be eligible. For more information and a listing of eligible K12 Private Academy courses, please visit the NCAA accredited online high school eligibility site and use CEEB code 471067.

Further requirements for Division I, Division II, and Division III vary and can be found on the NCAA website.

Sports across many seasons are supported by the NCAA, and as an NCAA accredited online private school, K12 Private Academy stands by our athletes and helps guide them toward academic and athletic success.

Sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, lacrosse, and tennis are included in the NCAA and students strive to play at the collegiate level. K12 Private Academy students like Annie have found the support they need to pursue their dreams.

Annie graduated in 2016 and joined the Division I gymnastics team at Brown University. She trained 21 hours a week during the school year and even more during the summer. With such a demanding training schedule, traditional brick-and-mortar schools weren’t an option. She started taking classes with K12 Private Academy in the 8th grade, and the flexibility of her coursework encouraged her to stick with it through graduation.

Her choice with K12 Private Academy as an alternative schooling option not only helped her secure a spot on a Division I gymnastics team, but it also helped her qualify for the Level 10 Junior Olympic National Championships four years in a row. With her coursework accessible from anywhere, Annie didn’t have to choose between her passion and her education.

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Academic Excellence at K12 Private Academy

At K12 Private Academy, you discover a 360-degree education that was thoughtfully designed with a singular focus: to help your unique child of any age reach their true, personal potential.

With an education from K12 Private Academy, student athletes and their families can be confident in their investment with our various accreditations. Plus, they benefit from a flexible environment, an exceptional curriculum, and other supports that are helpful to families needing to accommodate intensive athletic schedules without compromising quality education.

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