Online Summer School

Get Back on Track, Get Ahead, or Explore Exciting Courses

K12 Private Academy offers a comprehensive summer school program that can help students get ahead of the curve, catch up on missed coursework, or explore exciting new classes just for fun. Many families choose virtual summer school as a supplemental program for their homeschooling efforts. No matter how you decide to utilize this service, our online summer courses can add value to your student’s educational experience.

Benefits of Summer Courses Online

Summer school offers many benefits to both middle and high school students. Here are a few of the most significant benefits you can expect from K12 Private Academy’s summer school online:

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An additional path to achieve academic goals

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Continuation of earning credit on an accelerated path

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Options for credit recovery*

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Supplementary classes for other educational models such as homeschool

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Exciting, new courses that might not be otherwise available

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Continued learning between academic years to combat summer slide

Summer School Online Courses

K12 Private Academy offers numerous summer courses online for students in grades 9–12. These courses cover a variety of subjects from core curriculum to more unique topics. Some of the most popular online summer school courses include archaeology, personal finance, and video game programming. Students in middle school grades 6–8 also have the option to enroll in various summer courses.

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Online Private Summer School Enrollment Calendar

K12 Private Academy offers several summer school start dates to accommodate students in various situations. Please visit the summer school section of the enrollment calendar to see current dates for online summer school.

Duration of Online Summer School Courses

Online summer courses are available to both middle school and high school students. For high school students grades 9–12, summer courses are completed on a condensed schedule of 20 days, or an NCAA-approved 90 day-schedule. Middle school summer courses span 90 days in length.

Summer school classes take place in the same virtual classroom as standard enrollment classes but on a faster schedule. They adhere to K12 Private Academy’s strong academics and curriculum, helping students progress on their individual paths to success.

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Full Online Summer School Course List

Browse the course list offerings by the length of the course and the subject headings below. Please note that condensed 20-day summer courses are not NCAA approved.

Condensed 20-Day Online Summer School Classes

These 20-day condensed online summer courses cover subjects such as English, math, history, science, technology, and more. They also include some occupational courses that can give your student a taste of various career options.

90-Day Online Summer School Classes

These NCAA-approved 90-day online summer courses cover subjects such as English, math, history, science, technology, and more.

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Set Your Student Up for Success

Looking for full-length courses for the summer months? K12 Private Academy offers traditional courses that begin in the summer as well as a variety of other flexible enrollment options.

If you’re ready to get started with K12 Private Academy online summer school, visit our How to Enroll page to get started. You can explore possible start dates on our Enrollment Calendar.

We welcome your phone calls or emails if you have any further questions about summer school or enrollment.

*K12 Private Academy is an accredited private school. Other schools may choose to accept transfer credit or not based on their own transcript analysis. We recommend checking with your local district to verify credit acceptance policies.

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