Dual Enrollment and Early College Program

500+ Accredited College Courses Available

At K12 Private Academy, high school students have access to our dual enrollment program. This unique registration option gives students the opportunity to take their pick from over 500 accredited college courses from a variety of colleges and universities alongside their regular classes.

With our Early College Program, students who are high academic performers can begin a rigorous college-ready curriculum as early as ninth grade and graduate high school with an associate’s degree. These advanced students can jump-start their future while saving time.

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment means that your student has the option to take additional, college-level courses while attending high school. These dual enrollment online college courses earn credits* that apply toward high school graduation and may give your student credits upon entering college as well. When these transfer credits are accepted, they can help offset the initial cost of college or the initial course load, potentially speeding the process of fulfilling requirements and graduating.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment offers several benefits and unique opportunities. Online high school with dual enrollment has been shown to have a positive impact on academic achievement in high school and college acceptance rates and college degree attainment rates.1

Additionally, students who participate in dual enrollment can:

  • Bolster their college applications and their resumes
  • Gain access to a diverse catalog of courses
  • Explore possible majors and areas of study early on, allowing them more time to make decisions and switch paths, if desired
  • Enter a college program with a better understanding of academic expectations and the overall experience
  • Get a head start on college credits, potentially earning enough to graduate early or make space in their college schedule to pursue multiple interests or majors.

How Dual Enrollment Works

When an eligible student participates in dual enrollment, they select and take college courses directly from a college or university. These online college courses proceed alongside K12 Private Academy’s curriculum as a student works toward graduation.

K12 Private Academy works with a college consortium that allows students access to hundreds of college courses from institutions across the country. This wide diversity of options not only gives students the benefits and advantages listed above, but also allows them to expand their horizons to colleges beyond their local area.

Dual Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

Full-time K12 Private Academy students in grades 9–12 are eligible for our dual credit program where they can take college classes in high school. Minimum GPA requirements apply based on the institution.

Dual Enrollment Pricing

Wondering how much dual enrollment costs? At K12 Private Academy, we make the process as affordable as possible. There is a $500 annual administrative fee paid in full to K12 Private Academy at the time of enrollment into the program. This covers the cost of two courses per year. If students wish to take more than two dual enrollment courses, they’re responsible for those additional costs. For these situations, however, we’ve worked with various colleges to offer a discounted rate for courses, which depends on the course and the college.**

Bella- member of the class of 2022 photo

From a Dual Enrollment Student

Bella is a member of the class of 2022, and their statement reflects their experience with K12 Private Academy. “My experience with dual enrollment was fantastic. Switching from public school to online school, I was so scared that colleges would think of me. Thanks to the K12 Private Academy and their flexibility with schedules, I was able to finish my sophomore year in a very short amount of time. This allowed me to be a part-time dual enrolled student pretty early on. My advisor took out the time to really get to know me and advise me on what classes would be the best for me. [I now have] 6 college classes under my belt that I’ll have before I graduate high school! On top of that, I’m graduating a whole year early. This was an experience that I wouldn’t have been able to have at any other school.

“I can’t wait to go into college feeling more prepared and get a jump start on my career in the beauty and business industry.”

What is the Early College Program?

Our Early College Program offers students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses from participating institutions. Credits earned count toward their high school diploma and a participating college.* Students who begin the Early College Program by their sophomore year have the potential to earn an associate’s degree or enter a four-year college as a junior.

Benefits of the Early College Program

With the Early College Program, students get all the benefits of dual enrollment plus several other opportunities unique to this program.

Students who participate in the Early College Program can:

  • Get a head start on college and career readiness
  • Save money on college tuition
  • Save time earning a degree
  • Start a rigorous college curriculum as early as ninth grade
  • Increase access to college courses

How the Early College Program Works

Students take college-level courses at participating institutions alongside their K12 Private Academy curriculum. The current participating institutions include Baker College and Western Texas College, with many more to follow.

The program offers four associate degree pathways aligned with high-growth careers. Courses completed with a C or higher can be transferred to any other college or university within the Early College Program, along with 350+ other institutions across the country.*

Early College Eligibility Requirements

Full- or part-time K12 Private Academy students in ninth or tenth grade are eligible for the Early College Program. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Baker College is willing to accept students with a 2.5 or higher.

In addition, students need a letter of recommendation from their advisor or counselor confirming the student is ready for a college-level curriculum.

Early College Pricing

Our goal is to offer a rigorous college-ready program for eligible students at a low cost.**

9th Grade: Full Year – $7,995 | Semester – $3,999

10th Grade: Full Year – $8,395 | Semester – $4,399

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How to Sign Up for a College Ready Option

Ready to learn more about how K12 Private Academy’s dual enrollment and Early College programs transform the way students learn? Visit our How to Enroll page to get started today. We welcome your phone call or email if you have any outstanding questions about enrollment.

For existing K12 Private Academy students, you may learn more and enroll in dual enrollment or the Early College Program by contacting your academic success coach.

For those new to K12 Private Academy, you’ll first need to enroll as a full-time online high school student to be eligible.

*Students should check with their college admissions offices to inquire about the policies surrounding the transfer of credit. K12 Private Academy cannot guarantee the transfer of dual enrollment credits to college.
** Some dual enrollment and Early College Program courses may require books and materials at an additional cost to the student. Costs vary by teaching institution and course title.

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