Enrollment Calendar

Enrolling at K12 Private Academy has various benefits, including flexible PK–12 online school start dates. These rolling start dates make our school a great fit for families with all kinds of lifestyles and needs.

Flexible Start Dates and Enrollment Options

Below, you’ll find the current enrollment calendar dates and PK–12 enrollment deadlines. We have options for both full-time and part-time students, as well as an option for summer school enrollment and purchasing individual courses. We continually update these enrollment calendars with new start dates, so keep an eye on the calendar or contact us if you don’t see something that works for you. Learn more about enrolling as a Part-Time Student and how to buy courses.

K12 PA 24–25 SY Fall Cohort Chart

Online PK–12 fall courses begin in September and continue through to the next year, with several flexible start dates for you to choose from. Please call 855.653.4141 to speak with a representative.

August Cohort8/9/20248/12/202412/17/20245/21/2025
August Cohort8/23/20248/26/202412/17/20245/21/2025
Sept Cohort9/13/20249/16/20241/30/20246/23/2025
Sept Cohort9/27/20249/30/20241/30/20246/23/2025
October Cohort10/11/202410/14/20243/3/20257/30/2025
October Cohort10/25/202410/28/20243/3/20257/30/2025

K12 PA 24–25 SY Spring Cohort Chart

Online PK–12 spring courses begin in January and continue through the end of the year, depending on the start date selected. You can choose from several flexible start dates to fit your unique situation. Please call 855.653.4141 to speak with a representative.

January Cohort1/10/20251/13/20255/21/2025
January Cohort1/24/20251/27/20255/21/2025
February Cohort2/14/20252/17/20256/23/2025
February Cohort2/28/20253/3/20256/23/2025
March Cohort3/14/20253/17/20257/30/2025
March Cohort3/28/20253/31/20257/30/2025

Fall 2024 PK–12 Enrollment Calendar

Online PK–12 fall courses begin in September and continue through to the next year, with several flexible start dates for you to choose from.

August Cohort8/5/20248/12/202412/17/20245/22/2025
September Cohort9/9/20249/16/20241/30/20246/24/2025
October Cohort10/7/202410/14/20243/3/20247/30/2025

Summer School K–12 Enrollment Calendar

K12 Private Academy’s online summer school courses can supplement your current learning program, provide additional challenges, or help keep your student on track. With our summer school program, you can help avoid the summer slide and enhance your child’s education. Visit our summer school page to review the specific courses available.

Term 15/31/20246/5/20247/9/2024
Term 26/14/20246/19/20247/23/2024
Term 37/5/20247/10/20248/6/2024
Term 47/19/20247/24/20248/20/2024
May / June Cohort5/29/20245/29/20246/5/202410/9/2024
June / June Cohort6/26/20246/26/20247/10/202411/6/2024

Part-Time K–12 Enrollment

Part-time enrollment at K12 Private Academy means you can buy as many or as few individual online courses as you’d like to complete on your own schedule. This is a great option for parents looking to provide their students with more challenges, give them access to more unique electives, help them catch up, or enhance their homeschooling experience. Individual courses have various start dates, depending on the course.

Flexible Enrollment and Start Dates

There are various instances where a student may need a more flexible start date and schedule when enrolled in school. A few common circumstances include:

Illustration of a chronometer

A student needs to take time off (for their health or other personal reasons)

Illustration of a basketball ball

A student may have rigorous sporting and athletic schedules

Illustration of a laptop

A student may be struggling with traditional schooling and needs an alternative to continue their education

Illustration of a truck

A student’s family may be moving during the course of the school year

Illustration of a mask

A student or family member may experience an unplanned illness

K12 Private Academy has helped students in each of these situations. We know that every child deserves a quality education, and we strive to deliver that, regardless of a student’s particular circumstances or lifestyle. We’re proud to offer a more flexible and affordable option to those who might be facing situations that prevent conventional schooling from being a good fit.

Image of mother and daughter taking notes

Finding Academic Success at K12 Private Academy

K12 Private Academy graduates are accepted into accredited colleges and universities across the country, and historically, our ACT composite average and SAT scores have been above the national average.1 For the 2020-2021 school year, the mean SAT score for students at K12 Private Academy was 1152.8 compared to the national average of 1088.2 The mean ACT score for our students the same year was 22.3 compared to the national average composite score of 20.6.3

With our unique, flexible, and powerful curriculum, your student can find success and discover a love for learning, all from the comfort of their own home.

K12 Private Academy Accreditation

Our online private school is accredited, which means that our program provides an official U.S. Diploma to high school graduates.

We know that our parents and students expect their private school to provide a high-quality education that is recognized by other institutions and organizations. Accreditation provides assurance that your coursework through K12 Private Academy is valid and transferable.

Image of a graduation hat and a diploma with a red ribbon

K12 Private Academy Enrollment FAQs

When does PK–12 online school start?

Please refer to the calendars above for upcoming deadlines and start dates. One of the many benefits of choosing K12 Private Academy is the flexibility of the start date, which allows you to select the enrollment date based on your personal preferences and situation. Scroll to the top of this page to see our various start dates available for full-time and part-time students.

What is the PK–12 enrollment deadline?

The calendars at the top of the page list flexible PK–12 online school start dates for both fall and spring semesters at K12 Private Academy. These include the due dates for documents and tuition as well as the dates of the actual start of the course.

How much does K12 Private Academy cost?

The cost of private school varies based on the age of your student as well as whether they are enrolled full time or part time. At K12 Private Academy, we are dedicated to providing students with a high caliber education at a remarkable value, and that makes our private school prices significantly less than typical private schools. View our full explanation of tuition fees here.

Is K12 Private Academy accredited by the NCAA?

Yes, K12 Private Academy is an NCAA accredited school. Our courses and U.S. Diploma are accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers. Learn more about our accreditation.

What does “cohort” mean?

A cohort refers to a group of students who are enrolled at and educated during the same time period. For example, the graduating class of 2023 comprises a cohort. Our cohorts are designated by season and month. For example, one of our cohorts for the spring semester is the January Cohort.

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If you have any questions about enrollment processes, dates, timelines, or any other items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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