How Online School Works

Students enrolled at K12 Private Academy can access the online learning system at any time, any day of the week. Immediate access to lessons helps support advanced learning initiatives for age groups from kindergarten through high school.

A School Without Walls

K12 Private Academy offers a PK–12 online education that balances structure and flexibility. The system is designed to accommodate diverse learners, with uniquely tailored lessons that keep your student engaged while allowing flexibility in their learning pace.

Online classes work similarly to those in conventional brick-and-mortar schools. Your student attends live classes in a virtual classroom where they engage in lessons and assignments both individually and in groups. They complete assignments offline and submit them through our platform. They can also participate in clubs and other groups to encourage social development outside the classroom.

Our Online School Platform

K12 Private Academy’s online education platform was thoughtfully designed to be comprehensive, intuitive, and robust. Our online school gives students the power to gain and stay in control of their education by providing the proper structure to support their learning. At K12 Private Academy, students:

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Participate in live virtual classes

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Access and submit assignments online

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Engage in interactive discussions with peers and teachers

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Connect with teachers for extra help as needed

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Experience online clubs and virtual field trips

Online Private Pre-Kindergarten

Through engaging, interactive activities in pre-kindergarten (pre-K), young learners are introduced to key concepts. This allows them to develop social and emotional skills while creating a foundation for future success at K12 Private Academy.

Our structured, flexible environment allows pre-K students to jump-start their learning journey. The pre-K curriculum engages students in play-based learning to develop their knowledge through thematic units in math, reading, science, social studies, art, and music.

Online Private Elementary School

Young children learn through exploration, engaging with the world around them with their own senses. K12 Private Academy takes special care to encourage exploration and engage young students in an interactive way.

Our academic programs for grades K–5 tap into the natural inquisitiveness of young students, engaging their imaginations to reinforce key concepts in meaningful, memorable ways. Direct, focused guidance comes from parents and teachers as they collaborate to meet unique student needs to ensure success.

Online Private Middle School

Online learning for middle school students with K12 Private Academy is accomplished through interactive and engaging lessons. Our school offers a variety of core subjects, elective options, and social clubs so middle school students have multiple avenues to discover their passion for learning.

Our online middle school curriculum is crafted to tap into the expanding minds of middle school students by engaging them in a personalized, teacher-supported program that offers the right amount of challenge to keep them stimulated. Teachers and parents collaborate to deliver a learning experience that drives students success.

Online Private High School

As students enter high school, K12 Private Academy’s curriculum conforms to appeal to their growing mindsets and experiences. We drive engagement with powerful learning tools.

Our private online high school begins with strong academics combined with college and career counseling, student and family communities, the freedom of academic choices, and intuitive online tools. These assets help students identify their goals and chart a clear path to their ideal futures.

Online Summer School

In addition to a regular, school year academic calendar, K12 Private Academy offers a comprehensive online summer school program for middle and high school students that can help them get ahead of the curve, catch up on missed coursework, or explore exciting new classes. It can also be used to supplement a homeschool program.

A large selection of online summer courses is available to students in grades 6–12. These courses cover a variety of subjects, including core subjects such as English, math, and science. Other more unique topics are also available, including archaeology, personal finance, and video game programming. We offer multiple sessions throughout the summer, so you can enroll your student when it’s most convenient for you.

How does PK–12 online school work for parents?

Parents of students at K12 Private Academy have unique access to their child’s education. This allows for quick intervention on challenging topics, addressing learning gaps before the student falls behind. Parents can also access built-in planning and progress tools, enabling easy scheduling and lesson planning.

Parents support their children’s education, log their attendance, and monitor their progress to ensure they’re on track. The online platform displays which lessons have been completed and which require more work, making it easy to target and address any more challenging topics.

K12 Private Academy also offers events for parents and students that can be accessed from the online platform, helping everyone stay connected.

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