Student Socialization

Social development is a fundamental part of a quality education, and online school is no different. Students can continue to thrive in social situations after graduation when they learn how to foster strong bonds with peers in their school years. Online clubs also give students the chance to learn about topics outside of their curriculum, exploring subjects they enjoy in a fun environment.

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Online Clubs for Private Schoolers

Students looking to explore topics outside of their academics will love the variety of online clubs for K–12 learners available at our school.

Students can foster their love for music, create art, and learn teamwork through various clubs. They can engage in these groups as well as competitions, enrichment programs, and information sessions through K12’s National Club options.

Elementary School Online Clubs

Our youngest students learn through exploration, using their senses. Our faculty-guided elementary school online clubs help teach students in grades K–5 about the world around them. Whether looking to develop their cooking skills, test trivia knowledge, or learn about world cultures, your student can find a great fit in our private school clubs.

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Book Club
  • Cooking
  • Creative Writing
  • Directed Drawing Club
  • Animal/Zoo Club
  • Friends
  • Guitar Club
  • Math Maniacs Club
  • Pets Club
  • Recess and Sports Club
  • Show ‘n Tell Club
  • Space Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Trivia Club
  • Virtual Field Trip Club

Middle and High School Online Clubs

Older students can find an array of clubs specifically designed for growing mindsets and experiences. Through healthy competition, interactive programs, and engaging extracurricular activities for private schoolers, students can discover their passions alongside their peers. They can also get a jump start on their career goals through industry-focused gatherings and activities.

  • Coffee House: Open Mic Nights
  • Baking Club
  • Business Professionals of America
  • Creative Writing
  • eSports
  • Explorers Club
  • Fit Mind and Body Club
  • Healthscience Club
  • High School Book Club
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Benefits of Private School Clubs

K–12 students can connect with peers over shared interests while they learn more about something they enjoy through interactive social opportunities. They can discover new concepts, enhance their social skills, practice leadership, and more. Online clubs help students:

  • Dive deeper into topics of interest
  • Discover new interests
  • Learn about other cultures and interact with students around the world
  • Enhance social skills
  • Help overcome shyness and gain confidence
  • Engage in competitions
  • Foster lasting friendships
  • Hone leadership skills and gain experience in leadership roles

How Online Clubs Work

K12 Private Academy ensures a complete, compelling experience for its students, including online social clubs.

Online extracurricular activities for our private schoolers are similar to traditional school clubs, except they take place online. Students gather around a shared topic of interest—such as music, art, language, or fitness—and explore these topics together. They can share information, learn new concepts, and engage in healthy competition.

Full-time enrolled students have the option to join private school clubs at K12 Private Academy, and this is included with the price of tuition. Each club is sponsored by a member of the K12 Private Academy faculty who leads the sessions virtually.

Clubs meet once or twice a month in an online platform equipped with a whiteboard and chat features. Students interact in real-time and discuss the club topics, connecting over shared interests and expanding their learning. These clubs also include students from other schools, allowing students to interact with peers outside of their classroom and around the world.

More Information About K12 Online Clubs

If you’d like to learn more about K12 Private Academy’s online clubs and extracurricular activities for private schoolers, email us at

If you’re ready to sign up for a club or two, get started with K12’s extracurriculars and events.

*Honor Society clubs are only available to students who have been enrolled full-time for at least one semester and can meet specific requirements.

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