A High Standard in Private School Curriculum

At K12 Private Academy, you’ll discover a 360-degree education that’s tailored to your unique student. Our private school curriculum standards were thoughtfully designed with a singular focus: to help your child of any age reach their full personal potential.

Our comprehensive curriculum was crafted by some of the finest educational minds, and was designed to meet or exceed academic standards across the U.S.

Educators, biologists, mathematicians, artists, writers, designers, reading specialists, and more joined forces to create a unique curriculum that helps learning come alive. Their decades of cognitive science research gave distinctive insight into how the brain learns, allowing them to tailor the program to specifically suit each age group.

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Young learners engage in high-quality, age-appropriate learning activities online and offline and gain exposure to core subjects through interactive courses with innovative audiovisuals to help them follow along.


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Elementary School

Our methodology for online learning incorporates interactive content and state-of-the-art multimedia. Enrolled students discover engaging audio and video, colorful animations, insightful graphs, interactive games, and powerful demonstrations.


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Middle School

Tapping into the expanding minds of growing students, our private online middle school curriculum is crafted to engage with just the right amount of challenge to keep middle schoolers stimulated.


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High School

As students enter high school, our curriculum flexes to appeal to their new mindset and experiences. This creates an environment that not only drives engagement with powerful learning tools at their fingertips but also prepares these students for the college and career choices ahead.


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Advanced Placement (AP)®

For students needing more challenges, we offer advanced classes through our AP® Program. This nationally recognized program is run by the College Board and offers courses with a higher academic standard, including college-level classes. Many of these classes may also be eligible for college credit.

This rigorous program is available with both two-semester and one-semester courses such as biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, art history, environmental science, statistics, and more.


Full-time enrollment isn’t the only option that K12 Private Academy offers. Students can also benefit from online summer school as well as individual part-time courses to supplement their schooling or provide year-round educational opportunities.

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Summer School

Whether your student needs to get back on track for graduation or they’re looking for a chance to get ahead, online summer courses can help.

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Individual Courses

If you’re looking to supplement your child’s traditional brick-and-mortar education or add to your homeschooling program, you can enroll your student in individual courses.

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A Tailored Environment

The combination of our comprehensive curriculum, methodology, and passionate educators allows us to create a well-rounded path for each student with a diverse, socially active community. This, plus our encouragement of consistent advancement, means that students progress as they succeed in each lesson. This ensures that each student moves onto the next class with the knowledge needed to feel confident and prepared, allowing for added time on more challenging concepts.

Private School Curriculum: Course Work

Each grade in private online school includes core and elective subjects to choose from. These classes are shaped in a way that provides a comprehensive overview of valuable lessons that help prepare students for the years ahead.

Appropriate to each age group, these lessons challenge students to examine topics in depth to discover and perfect critical thinking skills. Each class is designed to promote the sharing of ideas and encourages collaboration with peers.

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How K12 Private Academy Is Different

Our Dedicated Curriculum

Our team develops each course from the beginning, crafting it specifically for online delivery. This unique approach allows for thorough scoping of the learning objectives and mapping a comprehensive strategy for how to best accomplish those goals. All of this drives the course structure, along with the fundamental guiding principles that make K12 Private Academy a top choice.

K12 Private Academy puts thought into the design of each class and its delivery, creating a program that is geared toward success in online school. Word by word, screen by screen, and lesson by lesson, each moment is intentionally designed.

As a final step, every lesson undergoes extensive usability testing to ensure that both students and the parents can navigate the courses and complete the learning objectives.

Online Student Resources

We provide our students with the resources they need to discover a love for learning and complete each new course with confidence. In order for us to address the widest range of learning styles, students receive online and offline resources that are integrated with their lessons. Textbooks, videos, and hands-on materials (such as science equipment and art supplies) are provided to help support your student’s learning.

Parental Involvement

As a parent of a student enrolled in K12 Private Academy online school, you take an active role in their education. You become your child’s “Learning Coach,” providing the necessary support to help keep them on track. You have unique access to their progress, success, and struggles. You can facilitate quick interventions at struggle points so your student can grasp difficult topics with added support.

Parents collaborate with their child’s teachers, helping keep their student’s assignments and schedule in order. K12 Private Academy provides the necessary support and advice to assist parents in their role, including access to an extensive parental network.

Online Private School for Anyone

How Online Private School Works

The ability to attend class from anywhere there is an internet connection gives parents and students unfettered access to this online learning system at any time. Classes can be attended from home, on the go, or anywhere in between.

K12 Private Academy is powered by a robust online system. Once logged in, students have the freedom to learn in the best way for their unique abilities, supported by enough structure to promote success.

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